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    SlingPlayer for Tablets won't connect... Mobile version does


      I have an Asus Transformer tablet.  I originally downloaded the SlingPlayer mobile version back in June.  I haven't had any problems with that version.  I noticed that there was a SlingPlayer tablet version in October so I shelled out another $29.99 and purchased that version and downloaded to my Asus Transformer tablet.  I have noticed that sometimes the tablet version will not connect to my SlingBox Solo but the mobile version on the same device will.  It's not that big of an issue for me since I have both installed however I do like the features of the tablet version and would prefer to use that.  This issue occurs while trying to connect over public Wi-Fi.  At first I thought maybe the public ISP was blocking the port somehow however I doubt that is the case since the mobile version is able to connect over the same Wi-Fi connection on the same device.


      I'm hoping SlingMedia will investigate and resolve the issue.

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          Hi tjones2904,


          What I understand from your post, is that you're having problems using the Table application.


          In this case, what please let us know, are you getting any error message? Also, about your network layout, ports that you're using etc.


          That way, we will be able to provide a proper response.



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              I'm not sure how the network layout would matter because as I said I have both the mobile and tablet version running on the same tablet... the mobile version would connnect whereas the tablet version did not.  There wasn't an error message other than the normal message that displays when connection can not be made.


              Network layout:      FiOS Router -> SlingBox (Direct wired with ethernet cable) -> CableBox


              Also, this is not a permanent issue just one I noticed one day while trying to connect via Wi-Fi to my slingbox.  If I didn't have the mobile version on my tablet I just would have thought it was a normal network issue at my house however when the mobile version connected and the tablet version would not I knew the issue was not network related.  I was just trying to inform SlingMedia to take a look at the code because maybe there is something there that would prevent connections from occurring in some instances.