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    Sling box weak IR signal




      Has anyone had any problems with the IR extender failing after a few months? I bought a Slingbox Pro in March and set it up and everything worked fine until a few weeks ago when the remote control side of it stopped working, without any change in the equipment. I heve run through the support site suggestions and tested it with a digital camera and the IR lights are flashing but are very faintly so I think that is why they are not working either the LED's or drivers may have partially failed? I tried a reset the box and setting it all back again but I still had the same problem. I just wondered if anybody else had has anything similar before returning it to the shop I bought it from.





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          Hi martync,


          What I'm getting from your your post, is that you're having problems with the Slingbox IR.


          In this case, and based on the troubleshooting steps that you performed, I would recommend to connect the Slingbox to a different Audio and Video Source as a last troubleshooting step.


          If the problem is still the same after that, then you can contact the Sling Media Technical Support to check the options for you to get an IR cable replacement based on your Slingbox warranty status.


          To contact the Technical Support Department you can use the following link.


          Sling Media Technical Support



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              Hi Jose,

              Thank you for your suggestion, I will try it when I am back home which will be a week or so. I hope it helps track down the problem as I miss being able to watch my home TV on the road, I would much prefer to get it work it than give up and return it.

              Thank you again