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    On screen remote doesn't want to work?


      I have a Slingbox Pro HD hooked up to a Motoroloa 6214 (FIOS STB), without problems for over a year. Then this week happened.

      I've I was using a mobile client when my ability to change channels vanished. In the Android client this shows as the "keypad" button in neon green.


      In the web client, the remote control is dead-grey, as in this pic:




      But before we go down the normal remote troubleshooting, I noticed during remote setup that, even with the OSR totally busted, the advanced settings configuration screen still lets me change channels...


      So at least I know the IR blaster is working and I have some workaround.

      That's good, since it'll be at least another month before I can visit the slingbox in person to troubleshoot.

      But it's hardly ideal.


      I did notice a firmware update message float by at some point recently, but don't remember opting to take it.

      Anyone have ideas on what's going on and/or how to fix?