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    Went to iOS 5, lost swing player



      Sling player was working fine on our iPad 2 with the prior OS (4.3?).

      I just up graded the OS to 5, and the iPad lost all knowledge of the

      Sling player.  Also, I have not found a Sling option to re-install without

      Paying for the player a second time.


      My signon is cusickmj@yahoo.com.  Thank you for your help in resolving this.

      Jim Cusick



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        • Re: Went to iOS 5, lost swing player

          Hi cusickmj,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems connecting from the iPad's SlingPlayer Mobile app.


          In this case and before we provide any response, please provide information about error messages, network layout, etc. That way you can receive a proper response from the forum users.


          Besides that, you can skip the message asking you to purchase the app. once you do that you will be able to download the application without a problem since you paid for it already.