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    Ethernet problem


      We've had a slingbox for nearly a year now and it seems to have lost connection to the network ie, the power light is on but no network light.  The ethernet light on the router isn't coming on so I'm guessing this is where the problem is.  I have tried two different cables and neither work.  Any suggestions?

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          I have the exact same problem (power light on internet light off). I've tried changing cables, turning everything off and on again, pressing the reset switch. Nothing has helped.

          My sky+ box had a failed recording last night and after that the slingbox doesn't work. I've had similar problems before but turning it off/on solved the problem last time.

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            Hi, yaduks and MattWyatt


            I understand that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since the network light is off.


            Most of the times, this issue is related to any physical connection on your local area network. With this in mind, I recommend you to check the following link and follow the recommended steps.


            The Network light on your Slingbox is off



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                Is it possible that inside in the slingbox something is "broken" so that internetconnection is no more possible .

                I've checked the fysical connexion , that is alright.

                With me also the ethernet light is off.




                ps, yaduks and matt, did you solve the problem

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                  Hi i tried all advice on the FAQ sections and check all cables several times. Luckily my unit was about 3 weeks inside its 1yr warranty so I took it back to PCworld and they replaced it. If it breaks down again outside of the next years warranty I doubt I will replace it. Great while it works but if it's only going to last just over a year I'll look at other options