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    Not able to connect to Slingbox


      I have had my Slingbox (Classic) for several years & it has been working fine until recently.  About a week ago, the audio stopped working while watching the Slingbox & then after disconnecting, it appeared to be frozen.  The "n" indicator light remained lit & when I attemped to re-connect it said that it was already running.  I disconnected the power supply & reset the unit.  Since then, I have been unable to connect on any device.  I downloaded the software updates & now I keep getting the error message "SlingPlayer connection lost".  I have searched the help forum & have tried some of the solutions with no change.


      • Turned off/unplugged unit for at least 10 seconds

      • Updated software

      • Turned off firewall & attemped to connect


      The lights on the unit remain lit & the "n" indicator light blinks when I try to connect.  Does anyone have any other solutions I can try?  I miss my Slingbox.