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    Won't End Recording & Series Link Failing.




      I've had my HDS-600RS for about 5months now. I do like it but I have had to do about 6 factory resets because of a couple of bugs that keep happening.


      It's very very anoying.


      First bug is that a show will start recording.... but not end recording... and I can't stop it by pressing 'stop'  (see photo 'untitled2.tiff)


      The 2nd is that I lose a lot of my series link's programs. So for example, Corrie will record but not add the next epiosode on and if it does it won't add in the date, time, channel.  (see photo 'untitled3.tiff' Educating Essex is on the bottom but no info added)


      It has now become a weekly task for me to factory reset the box and check for hard drive for faults, then re-add my tv shows.


      Please Help!

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          I've had exactly the same problem with the series record failing. But not the failure to stop recording.....so far.


          What I have found is that certain programmes remain available for series link, but only one or two, and nothing that has an HD option. A factory set does sort it out for a while, but it seems ridiculous that we would have to keep doing this for ever! Have you had any feedback on this issue and how it might be rectified?



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              Thanks for the reply,


              I think the 'won't stop recording' is unique to ITV 'The Jeremy Kyle Show' as it only ever does it to that show but it does do it every week. Possibly this is a problem with ITV not sending a signal telling the box that the program has ended.


              Try series linking it and see if it does it too yours. Luckily the fix is quite simple. 'Check Hard Drive for Errors' from the Settings Menu - it say it will take several hours but actually only takes 5min. Thankfully non of your settings, recorded programs or schedule's are deleted.


              As for the series link issue.... This has been about my 8th Factory Reset in 6months. But this last reset, actual has been the most 'stable' I've had with all shows contiuning to record the following week... (to my knowlage as I've not watched them all etc)


              Watch this space.