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    Do I need a DVR or a bridge?




      I''ve been watching TV on my larger PC through a device known as a Wintv-HVR-850 USB adapter. I don't have a television or box of any sort.


      I just bought a SOLO but I'm clearly missing something because  it doesn't work with the Wintv-HVR-850 USB adapter. I should also mention that my cable TV is analog only.


      I've also plugged the SOLO into my D-link wifi router and it connects easily to the sling player on my lap top. I'm just not getting a video signal but otherwise I do get an internet connection. What am I missing and why does it accept three other WinTV devices but not mine?   Do I need a wifi bridge or a DVR?  I'm stuck not knowing what to do next.


      Many thanks in advance,



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          Hi, amrvosh


          I understand that you have just purchased the Slingbox SOLO and have some issues in order to get it up and running with the Wintv-HVR-850 USB adapter.


          Unfortunately, we do not provide support for this specific device. First, you must check the supported devices list checking this link.


          Finding your video source


          So, if you have a Slingbox SOLO you must have a TV source (cable box, DVR or satellite receiver), otherwise you will not be able to fed the Slingbox SOLO with the required TV signal.