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    Slingbox Pro-HD PSU Bad 2


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      Hello Cujo, keithhe, and mywarren,


      Thanks for contacting us.  We stand by our products, and we want to help out. If any Slingbox users are having power issues of any kind, simply call us! The agents may have you perform some basic troubleshooting steps on the phone, but if it's determined you have a Slingbox or PSU that needs to be replaced, we'll replace it.


      If you're in the US or Canada, the correct number to call is 877.GO.SLING (877.467.5464). For other geos, just use this page to find the correct contact info:




      Best Wishes,

      The Slingbox Moderatoin Team

      I called Slingbox today about a failed PSU for my Slingbox Pro-HD and was told you no longer "stand by your products," and are now charging for a replacement PSU.


      Most consumer devices' PSUs last for many years, but apparently SB finds it acceptable to back out of your commitment of compensating for your decision to utilize an unreliable PSU in your product. I will find/use a different supplier that is willing to REALLY stand by their product.

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          I too have a problem with the way in which Sling have dropped support of the Slingbox PRO-HD.  Myself and my Sister were each given a new Slingbox PRO-HD for Christmas in December 2014, I eventually got around to setting mine up towards the end of 2015 but within 12 months of it being purchased.  I contacted Sling to help with some issues I had when attempting to use it with the Sling App for the Amazon Firebox, I received an error stating that my Slingbox was unsupported!!!  How is this possible as I hadn't even had the thing for a year?  Not even Microsoft or Apple drop support like a hot potato in this way (I know as I’ve worked for MS in the past, as well as HP, EDS and Cisco).


          Anyway, I have endured the pain of continuing to occasionally use my Slingbox through my laptop instead of using my TV as I had originally intended to do with my Firebox, but my experience has been far from ideal and very frustrating.  Luckily, I don't use it that often, only occasionally when away from home and I've probably only used it properly about half a dozen times if I'm honest due to the above issues/restrictions.


          Bottom line is that support was none existent because when I phoned the support number on their website I was told that the Slingbox PRO-HD was now an unsupported legacy product, even though at the time it was less than 12 months old.


          BUT the saga continues… I've come to use my Slingbox PRO-HD again today and found it wouldn't work.  So, I had a look at the box to find that whilst the power light was on, the network light was flickering at random with a very low glow, not the normal blinking light that you can sometimes experience if you have a network issue but more like a flicker of a dying lightbulb when it’s on its way out.  I am a network engineer so I know it’s nothing to do with my network, I have exhausted all network faults so I can confirm there is a problem with the Slingbox itself.


          So, I called the support line earlier but was again told that the Slingbox PRO-HD was now an unsupported legacy product.  No surprises there, I wasn’t expecting Sling to care about me because after all I am just another customer and an unfortunate consumer of their products.  It was mentioned to me that I could upgrade my Slingbox as an existing owner of a legacy product and receive a discount on a brand new Slingbox.  Obviously, I’d rather my existing one was still working and supported as I don’t regard something such as this to become obsolete within 12 months of having the item, but I thought I’d look into it.


          Hilariously I discover this upgrade scheme is only available to customers based in the US, as I live in the UK, I cannot make use of this upgrade offer either.


          Why should I bother to continue using Sling Products after all of the above, I believe this is possibly the worst product I have ever owned, very expensive for what it does, it’s been used half a dozen times in a limited way due to the app not supporting the box (from new) and Sling not caring to support it because they classed it as a Legacy Product with 12 months of me having the box from new.


          A terrible experience all round.  I can see Sling are now on the majority of social media sites so I will share this experience on all of these sites shortly but I will give Sling one last chance to change my mind and put things right…


          Well Sling, how can you fix this terrible journey I’ve had so far with your products and my experience with Sling as a whole.  Do you want to put this right, do you even care?


          Yours hopefully,