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    Change to Dish Network - Setup video connections, Use TV2??


      I had enough of Brighthouse increases in their bills and yesterday made the switch to the Dish network, primarily to save money...


      My slingbox pro has worked flawlessly for 5 years with Brighthouse.


      Had a technician install the dish today.  Using a Dish network DVR VIP722k.  The problem is I can not get a video connection.  I am using TV2 with directo coaxial cables.  TV works, but no video reception on the software.  Went through the whole setup, satellite- channel 73 (and tried channel 3), found location, no IR connection working.  Prior to this installation, no problems with DVR from Brighthouse, same setup with coaxial cables on TV2.


      Can you use the slingbox on the TV2 coaxial connection, or does it have to be on TV1 that houses the DVR  Problem is the modem connection is to far away for the ethernet connection on TV1. I know,