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    Air play on the sling player for iPad


      Any chance of including air play feature on the IPad player?

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          I haven't been able to get it to work. From what I read, Airplay is a feature in the iOS that is available, but must be enabled by each app. If this is true, then Slingbox could choose to upgrade their apps to enable this feature.

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            I did get it to work.  I opened Air Play using another application and never closed it.  I opened Sling player and it streamed great.

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                Oh wow, this actually works... well almost.


                I was able to reproduce this by going in to the Youtube app (I'm on an iPad 1) and telling it to use my Apple TV for airplay.  The video popped right up and I let it play for a few seconds.  After  that I closed the Youtube app and the video kept playing on my Apple TV.  I then launched the Slingbox app and after going to the directory and the chosing 'watch TV' it started streaming right to the TV screen!


                Now, I'm not sure if it's the Apple TV or the iPad (fairly certain it's not the network) but it will start doing a weird buffering thing every 30 to 40 seconds after the video has been playing for a minute or so.  This may be why sling hasn't 'officially' allowed people to use Airplay from the slingbox app. 

                Also I noticed that the video aspect ratio is off for HD content.  It looks like the app is sending out 4:3 video instead of 16:9.  I was able to use my display controls on the TV and get it looking really decent.  If the video played smooth this would be a really usable feature. Given that the buffer thing happens with such regularity it almost seems like there's a bug somewhere rather than it hitting a hardware limitation of some sort.

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                I have been waiting a year for SlingBox to add the AirPlay support feature to SlingPlayer for iPad (version 1). Many apps are out now that allow native support for using AirPlay vs. Air Mirroring which is only available on iPad 2-3.


                Can someone from SlingBox please provide an official response on if you can simply:


                1) Add AirPlay support into the app so iPad version 1.0's can stream to AppleTV's? (most important and many users I see have posted over a year plus waiting for this feature - hoping SlingBox is customer centric and will commit to a delivery date for this)


                2) Confirm if after adding this feature it can support adjusting the aspect ratio to 16x9?



                - Sumair

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                    I have and IPAD version 1(IOS 5.1)  and Slingplayer for Iphone and Slingplayer for IPAD both installed. Airplay support is built in to Slingplayer for IPAD and Slingplayer for Iphone. Slingplayer for Iphone will work on both IPAD and Iphone and it will work with earlier versions of the sling box. Slingplayer for IPAD will only work with Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro-HD. In Slingbox for Iphone the Icon for redirecting to Apple TV is on the first control screen(one tap of view screen). In Slingbox for IPAD you have to tap on Aspect button to get the Icon for redirecting to AppleTV.


                    I currently have a problem that I would appreciate help with. Whenever I use a remote function the Apple TV screen freezes and I have to switch from apple TV to IPAD to Apple TV to get it to unfreeze.


                    I would like to know if any one else is having this problem.