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    Uverse DVR very slow. Help!


      I recently set up my sling box pro hd on my uverse 2 wire router. When I was with cox sling box worked great, even on a wireless air card.  I recently hooked up my box on the uverse router and am having a few issues.  First I can't figure out how to set up port forwarding like sling suggests. Second and most important...  When I am watching live tv over the Internet, wither on computer on wired network or on iPhone or iPad, it works great.  I get smooth video and good picture quality. But when I try and watch a recorded program video is so choppy that it is useless.  I have tried HD and SD and the same result.  This only happens on a recorded show. Does any one have any ideas why this would happen?  And does anyone have a walk though for setting up port forwarding?  The instructions sling provided don't work for me. Thanks.