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    Freezing picture when using buffer

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      Have had so many issues with using sling web player on various web browsers I have ended up with the most stable experience on Internet Explorer (not Edge or Chrome) on my Windows 10 PC, i5 and 8gb ram SSD so should have plenty of performance.  Issue I have is that I have the blue buffer band at the bottom that appears to retain 30 minutes of what has most recently streamed however if I use that buffer and slide it back to review earlier content which is quite a useful feature to quickly review something that has just been streamed, it works but after doing that the screen streaming live will freeze frequently.  I can resume playback by sliding the buffer back to show old streams and then back to the end right hand side = real time and the real time streaming resumes.  However it will freeze again after doing this quite frequently.


      If I do not use the buffer and let it just stream in real time it stays stable.  I realise that best plan is not to use the 30 minute buffer but this feature is useful.


      Any clues from anyone as to how I can kae this buffer feature more stable?


      Thanks for any help