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    Deleting Device Directory In SlingPlayer for iPad 2


      I have followed other threads on the subject and the same entries remain in the device directory after reinstalling the app both via syncing and via the app store.


      Has something changed with iOS 5?


      Can someone please point me to a way to completely remove the Device Directory?


      I have two entries that work OK  for one Slingbox - one for ID access and one for IP access. I have other IP entries from older IPs that no longer work due to dynamic IPs changing. (each of these entries has its own name) 




      It would be nice to TRULY be able to edit each line entry.


      It would be nice to be able to enter a dynamic DNS domain like the SlingPlayer for Windows allows


      Thanks for any help.

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          Hi, ghitzjr


          It seems that you are having some issues in order to delete some devices listed on your Slingbox Directory when running the SlingPlayer for iPad.


          In this case, you need to access your Sling Account from your computer, access your Slingbox Directory. This way, you will be able to delete the Slingboxes that you no longer use. Regarding your suggestions, I recommend you to use the Enchancement Requests and Product Feedback community in order to post them.



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              Thank you for your reply which I read and tried to implement almost immediately after receiving it.  I have not had time to respond until now.


              Sadly, it does not work.


              Because I saw your suggested technique in one of the other threads I had already tried it to no avail.


              My Slingbox directory at slingaccounts.slingmedia.com/slingaccounts/etc shows 2 entries - one is the SID entry, the other is one of my IP entries.


              The list of Slingboxes in the iPad app numbers 4 - the one SID entry and 3 IP entries.  Each of them has a DIFFERENT name meaning their are four different names total.  Two of the iPad app entries never make it to the slingaccounts table.


              Any further ideas on how to clean out the iPad app table?




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              Eureka!   I have found a solution.


              Quite by accident I started SlingPlayer on my XP machine.  I almost never use this machine to watch Slingbox as my laptop, iPad and iPod touch are much more useful.


              Bringing up the Slingbox Directory in this XP SlingPlayer yielded ALL of my entries and of course are totally editable.  Removing those I did not want from this table also removed them from the Sling app on my iPad 2.


              I can also use and edit the IP connection info via a dynamic DNS program that automatically follows any changes to my ISP provided IP address.  This was not possible via the iOS Sling app as it was possible to add only an IP, not a domain.


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                  OvCollyer Apprentice

                  I've found this part of the system quite messy.


                  Recently I needed to configure a Slingcatcher to connect via a direct IP address and the only way I could do it was to use the iPad/iPhone client or the Windows desktop client.


                  This was not possible via the web page, which ought to be the one central place where everything can be done.


                  Also, entries added using the iOS devices don't seem to show up on the account web page, but do show up in the SB directory on the watch page.


                  As above the only reliable way to edit you SB directory, I.e. add, delete, and specify direct IP connections and have these changes reflected everywhere is via the Windows desktop client.


                  Finally, through editing in a number of different places it has managed to corrupt the name of a SIingbox - it appears as a strange amalgamation of some earlier names.


                  I wonder if Sling could spend a little time tidying up these issues?