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    Slingplayer Mobile


         Did anybody actually look at the way the new Slingplayer Mobile looked on phones before releasing it to the general public?  The menu on my phone covers about 90 percent of my screen so that when changing channels, I have to leave the menu to see what is actually on.  Progress can be a great thing, but sometimes progress for progress' sake isn't good.  I do like the look of the new buttons and some of the menus, but having to dismiss the menu, see what is on, bring the menu back up, scroll over to the channel up button, change the channel, dismiss the menu, look at the channel... and so on is hugely annoying.  One suggestion is to bring back the smaller remote so it doesn't interfere with my viewing while changing channels.

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              *** Edited to observe Slingbox Answers Forum House Rules by Moderator. *** The new interface is cumbersome and annoying but more annoying is getting this mobile player to work correctly. I can only watch on my phone for a few minutes before the connection is lost. Then to begin watching again, I have to disconnect and reconnect. I do this about once every 10 minutes to get to watch TV on my phone. I don't see any technical people from Sling acknowledging this problem which a lot of people are having. I paid $ for the mobile version and at least it should work constantly.  Right now version 2.0 does not work correctly.

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                  i have that problem too, (old slingplayer 2,4 with originaal first Slingbox worked good for me), now M1 and latest mobile versioon I have to disconect and connect again to watsh after some minits watching !?


                  Android 4.4.2 Samsung Mega 6.5