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    slingplayer mobile for ipad/iphone crashes after 10 minutes of use


      I am having issues with my slingplayer mobile app for ipad and iphone4.  The issues did not arise till after i updated to IOS 5.  I have never had any issues with your products prior to this.  The apps freeze then crash after 10 minutes use.  The apps always reload upon command and work for another ten minutes.  However minor this inconvenience may seem it is not ideal for products with a combined cost over $200.00.  I also use a slingbox solo.  i believe the firmware is up to date.  Please address this issue as it makes using sling a difficult and cumbersome task. I know im beyond the free support window, but i believe this is an app issue and ahould be handled with a free update.  Has testing been done with IOS 5?  If so why I am having these issues?