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    Port forwarding - help with my D-Link dsl-2470R


      So much so far for free 90 day support - chat with sling support - click = "page not found"!!

      Spent ages watching sling support youtubes and read portforwarding.com page and the d-link manual but none (even the d-link manual) shows the same boxes on the page that are actually in my router software.

      Can someone tell me what goes where please? It has a "Private IP" box - ok that's easy enough - then it has next to it a drop down box with a blank IP address box but no clue what to put in it

      Then it has "public start port" box and a "public end port" box

      I put "5001" in both as instructed for my slingboxpro HD but that isn't accepted as it is apparently a 'duplicate' port setting

      The last box is 'connection' and is also a drop down arrow but it only has "PVCO" as an option (whatever that is) but as its the only choice I presume thats what you put.

      So does anyone know what goes in the scond IP address box after the "private IP" box and how to entrer "5001" as a 'range' in the two start/end boxes, that will be accepted by the router? He asked hopefully???

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          Hi, ukgorgeous


          I understand that you need some assistance in order to set up your Slingbox PRO HD with the D-Link DSL-2470R router.


          First, you need to access your router interface in order to get the right IP address provided by the router for the Slingbox. Since you said that the port 5001 has already been taken, I recommend you to use the port 5002 in order to set up your Slingbox PRO HD.


          I checked the D-Link website and I could not find any information about the D-Link DSL-2470R router. With this in mind, I recommend you to check the following third-party links in order to find the closest model to your router.


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the Dlink DSL-2740B


          Port Forwarding SlingBox on the Dlink DSL-2780


          I recommend you to follow the included instructions. Do not hesitate to contact us back if the issue persists.



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              Thank you for replying and helping.

              The model number I put was a typo it is a DSL-2740R and even the D-link Manual for it doesn't show the same boxes as the software does (I think it shows the pages from the 2740B or 2740U)

              There is nothing else on my LAN except my PC and my slingbox, so I don't know how the port can already be used - has the slingbox setup maybe put something in already, or is not permitted to put the same port number in the start and end boxes?

              In relation to the IP address I have the slingbox IP (it shows it in the Slingbox setting boxes) and I presume that is what I put in private IP box, but I dont know what the second box beside it is for. It shows so is clearly also for an IP address and has a drop down box arrow with one other entry which is the router address but with 2 at the end rather than 1, which I am presumimg is what the router has called my PC? what should be in it/

              The portforwarding.com document for the router, shows tthe right boxes but doesn't help about what to put in them really (apart form the rport number which the router won't accept).


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              It's UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), an automated way to manage applications working through routers.


              There is a UPnP checkbox on the Advanced LAN.


              UPnP assigns a number of "well known" ports including, as you have found, 5001.  I had the same problem when I tried to assign port forwarding for BitTorrent.


              So the router already knows about port 5001, and probbaly uses it for slingbox.  It should just work out of the box.


              If you want to control the forwarding, uncheck the UPnP box and manually configure forwarding of port 5001.