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    Can anyone help me out with this?


      I'm new at this and am confused somewhat. We have a digital cable box and also have a router hooked up through it as well. After doing some searching I seen that the Sling Box seems pretty neat, so am wanting to get one, but don't know exactly what I would need. We have a digital cable box through cable company plus we bought a wireless router to use for our gaming systems, plus we have an ipod touch, android phone and a laptop that we would like to use it on. So, I was wondering if someone could guide me in the direction on what we would need to be able to use it on our gadgets we have. I seen someone said, the difference between a solo and hd is solo-whatever is being watched at home you see on your gadget so can't watch two seperate shows, to where as the hd you can watch two seperate shows, is that correct? Any help is greatly appreciated on this subject.

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          Hi, promann


          It seems that you need some assistance in order to get some information about how the Slingbox works and how it works with the supported devices.


          If you have the iPad, iPhone and Android phones, your best option is to get either the Slingbox SOLO or the Slingbox PRO-HD. The following links will provide you with all the information about these products.


          General information about the Slingbox SOLO


          General information about the Slingbox PRO-HD


          The main differences among these devices are that the Slingbox SOLO will allow you to control one device at the time and it will allow you to stream the HD channels but not the HD quality.


          On the other hand, the Slingbox PRO-HD allows you to connect up to three TV sources and it also allows you to stream the HD quality. Besides, it has an internal tuner that offers you the option to split the TV signal out. You only need to place a splitter on the coaxial cable that comes from the wall. Then, you will send two lines from the splitter: one goes to the cable box or DVR  and the second line goes to the Slingbox PRO-HD coaxial input.


          These connections will offer you the option to split the TV signal out, however, whoever uses the Slingbox coaxial connection will get only the basic cable service channels.


          Regarding the Mobile applications, I encourage you to check this link in order to get all the information about the supported devices.


          SlingPlayer Mobile


          I hope this information helps you to clear out any doubt you might have about the Slingbox, how it works and how to take advantage of the available features.