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    No Connection


      When I try to connect,  message follows:  SlingPlayer cannot connect to your Slingbox.  Please make sure your phone and clingbox are connected to the internet and try again.  please help!  Donna Porter

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          Same problem since 10/2/11.  Reconnected router and slingbox router and slingbox but it keeps saying there is no connection.

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            Hi, donnajo36 and dukeslingbox


            It seems that you are having some issues trying to get the remote connection to your Slingbox.


            Based on the provided information I recommend you to reset the Slingbox and run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing. This way, you will be able to adjust the settings that will allow you to get the remote connection to your Slingbox.


            How to reset your Slingbox to factory settings


            Slingbox SOLO Manual Setup



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              jamesmccourt Novice

              I have the HDS600 Slingloaded box and have been trying to set it up for 3 days with no success. The telephone helpline have taken over my lap top (in the US) and my brother's laptop (in UK- same network at the Slingbox) and still not been able to make the Sling ID be recognized by their own system.


              In my brother's house he can watch TV and control it remotely but I cannot in the US and the box isn't registering with Slingbox's system (according to the help desk).


              Apparently others have encountered this issue? How long will this take to fix. I will return my box if it takes longer than a few days.