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    Setting Slingbox Classic Up On Internet


      I am trying to set up my Slinbox Classic for Internt Viewing and when I  was performing the "set-up", I got this message "Audio hardware failure.  Verify that the audio device drivers are installed and active on the  system.".  What should I do, so I can complete this process?

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          Hi, rgroody


          I understand that you are having some issues when trying to set up your Slingbox Classic for Internet Viewing.


          This error message is not related to the Slingbox but your computer. The "Audio hardware failure..." error message means that you need to update your computer's audio drivers. Therefore, I recommend you to contact your computer provider if you do not know how to update the audio drivers.



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              I have a slingbox classic.  Both lights are green on the fron tof the box.  When I try to run the setup, it finds the slingbox in the directory but whe I select my slingbox, it returns with an INVALID message that says my slingbox has been "... disconnected because of a poor internet connection. ..." My slingbox is connected to my rounter and my PC is connected to a 100mps wired internet connection.


              I have setup my firewall rule and I have enabled the port forwarding on my router.


              Why is the Slingbox so difficult to setup.  I rarely use it and would NEVER recommend this product to anyone due to the repeated nightmare I have had many times tryiung to get this box to work as advertised.


              This is my last attempt before I drop it in the trash.

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                  beckifields Novice

                  Hello ericlindstrom,


                  Thanks for reaching out to us in the land fo the forums,



                  We do apologize that you are getting this error when trying to set up your Slingbox.  If this happens repeatedly as you are seeing, try reconnecting from another network. Moving to another location closer to a Wi-Fi antenna may help.  Also, the Slingbox is able to make the best use out of the network connection that you have. But if your home network's Internet connection isn't very good ... or the same is true of the Internet connection you're currently using for your computer or smartphone ... then this may interfere with the Internet connection that is needed for the Slingbox.


                  Hopefully this will give you some further options,


                  The Slingbox Moderation Team