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    Using HDMI cables for Home Theatre System ?


      I have had an OLD system for at least 10 years - recently I bought the following:  1) Samsung 1080 HD tv, 2) Dish HD-1080 sat. receiver with HDMI cable out to a, 3) Yamaha HD A/V receiver with HDMI out to TV & four HDMI in puts.  I have been having trouble using my existing DVD recorder/player with the receiver & TV.  I have just about reached the conclusion that I must purchase NEW HD equipment (with capability to up-convert the old DVD's to 1080)..


      Also, I am wondering -- am I trying to co-mingle analog devices into my NEW digital equipment - is this even possible ?


      I have heard of Slingbox before - but never owned one.  Sounds good - expecially the HD Pro model.  Question: the specs don't seem to have HDMI cabling, which is what I am trying to avoid ?   Is there another model with HDMI cabling available ?  Is this device using analog signals ? rather than

      digital ?   HELP !!