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    total slingbox failure!


      last week i started to get an W200 error code. after refering to the forum the best solution was to reset my slignbox pro. now the W200 error message is gone, but whenever i try to connect to the slingbox i get a message asking me to enter my password... to which it says is invalad.


      i've tried entering the password as an admin, not as an admin, caps, lowercase; you name it i've tried it. i've also tried to reset the password but apparently i'm not allowed to since the old password isn't recognized.


      final issue, i live abroad not anywhere near where my slignbox is and the family member who's home it is in is not computer savy, so asking them to try to handle it really isn't an option.


      the slinf webite seems to say that my slingbox is fully set up, i'm using port 5001 which it recommends and the IP seems to be recognized and was not effected when the box was reset.


      please someone help or i'll be without t.v. for the next year + until i manage to make it home.