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    Speed issues


      Every now and then, I get very slow connection to my slingbox.

      I have a 4Mbps upload at home, and 6Mbps download at my remote location.

      Today, when I connected to my slingbox, I got no more than 300kbps.

      When something like this happens, what are possible problems?  I tested my remote download on speedtest.net and got over 5Mbps download.

      Also, is any part of Slingmedia network being used for this, or is this pure P2P connection between my home and remote location?

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          Hi amer501,


          If you are experiencing speed/quality issues when you connect to the Slingbox remotely, it's necessary to confirm if you have the same behavior when you connect to the same Slingbox but using  different network to determine if a bandwidth restriction is causing this, here is also an article about some common reasons for poor picture quality,


          Internet Viewing Picture Quality: Some common reasons for poor picture quality



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              Thank you for reply.

              In the meantime, I tested this thoroughly, and here are the facts and results.

              1. The slingbox is in the US.  I am viewing this from Europe.
              2. Slingbox location has 4Mbps upload limit.  Viewing location has a 12Mbps download limit.  Alternate viewing location, also in Europe has 4Mbps download limit, and it also has the same or similar problems as the primary viewing location.
              3. I disconnected everybody on my viewing network phisically from the switch, and the quality of video didn't change much, so no interference there - no torrents, no downloads, no youtube, no heavy surfing, just Sling.
              4. At the time of poor signal, I visited speedtest.net from the viewing location and tested my speed against a server in North Carolina, and got more than 10Mbps download.
              5. I wasn't able to check the upload speed at the Slingbox location and the time of poor signal.
              6. Interesting: the poor signal happens usually in prime time in US (6pm-11pm EST), while off-peak hours give me 1300Kbps stream.
              7. The internet type is by a company that gives tripple play through one service.  However, in contacting them, they assured me that watching TV or TVs at home in the US do not affect bandwidth that is set aside for internet.  I asked that, because at the time it sounded like, when people are at home watching TV, the Slingbox doesn't have enough bandwidth to push signal out.


              That's as far as the tests go.