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    Set-up Guest User


      Hi.   Steve here,

      I tried the using the procedure from the search on Slingbox.com, support.slingbox.com/get//KB/1000244.html, and step 1 says "go to the Sling Accounts webpage (see link to the right)", which is grayed out so you cannot click on it.   Searching for " create a new sling account has no results for that search.


      I had previously called support at Slingbox and after telling the Tech the above info he had no responce as to why this didn't work nd then walked me through another process to set-up a guest user.


      2. Set up your Slingbox

      3. Get Started

      4. Login

      5.Click the Slingbox in the directory

      6. click on "add Guest User" on left

      7. Create password


      I did all this and my guest could not sign in with my email address and the new guest password and neither could I when I tried to sign on as a guest user with this info.   Error message said incorrect email or password.


      Any ideas?





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          Hi ACC414832,


          I understand the situation that you are experiencing creating the Guest user account. Here are some basic details that you need to know:


          First, you need to add the guest password to your account using Setup at slingbox.com. Also, if you access your Sling Acount at accounts.slingbox.com, you are going to get the Slingbox ID after clicking Slingbox Directory and then Edit. Copy the Slingbox ID and then you are ready to work in the other account (Guest user's account).


          Again, accessing accounts.slingbox.com will take you to your account, so you will click log out and will create a new account using the "Don't have an account? Sign Up" field. As soon as you get there, go to the directory and select add a new Slingbox, paste the Slingbox ID and now the guest will have an email address for the Sling Account and also the guest password.


          I did all this and my guest could not sign in with my email address and the new guest password and neither could I when I tried to sign on as a guest user with this info.  

          Remember that the guest user will log in using his/her account, not yours.


          Hope this helps



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            I still cannot get that method to work.    Does anyone know how to add a guest user with the new slingbox procedure?   I was told by Sling support that after going to slingbox.conm, then selecting watch, then going to settings, I would see an option to select called "users".   I do not see it on that page.   After that, i was to enter an email address for someone I wanted to invite to be a guest user and click add.   Any ideas? Thank

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              gman Apprentice

              If you are the Owner of a Slingbox 350 or 500 and want to allow a Guest user to access your Slingbox 350 or 500, do the following:


              1. Connect to your Slingbox
              2. Click on the SETTINGS tab
              3. Click on USERS
              4. Enter that individual's email address into the field
              5. Click the ADD button


              Things will look like this:


              That email account will receive the following email:


              An Invitation to Watch TV Anywhere!

              From: Slingbox-Team


              Give us a try!

              A registered Slingbox user wants to grant you guest access.

              Slingbox turns your laptop, tablet or smartphone into a TV.


              Accept invitation


              If you do not have an existing Sling account you will be prompted to create a Sling account.

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              Keep on Watching,  The Slingbox Team


              When they click on the Accept invitation link, they go to accounts.sling.com:



              And either login with their existing Sling Account with that exact email address or they use that exact email address to create a new Sling Account.


              Once that's done, the Slingbox 350 or 500 will just appear in their Slingbox Directory.


              If you have an older Slingbox, not a Slingbox 350 or 500, you do the following:


              1. Log into http://setup.slingbox.com
              2. Connect to the older Slingbox that you want to share
              3. Click on the "Add a guest user" link below the Slingbox icon
              4. Copy the Slingbox ID
              5. Enter and Confirm the Guest Password
              6. Click Next
              7. Give the person that you want to access your older Slingbox as a Guest user:
                1. The Slingbox ID that you just copied

                2. The Guest Password that you just set



              The Guest user then does the following

              1. Loads http://accounts.sling.com

              2. Using a email of their choosing, they log in with their OWN EXISTING Sling Accounts or they create a NEW one with their own email address.

              3. Once the successfull log into their NEW or OWN EXISTING account, they click on the Slingbox Directory Link in the left hand column.

              4. They then click on the ADD A SLINGBOX button.


              5. In the "Register a New Slingbox" dialog, they do the following:


              1. Enter in the Slingbox ID field, the Slingbox ID that you gave them (without the dashes)
              2. Enter in Name filed, a Name of their choosing
              3. Enter in the Password field, the Guest Password that you gave them.
              4. Click the "Remember Password" checkbox
              5. DO NOT SELECT the "Login as Administrator" checkbox

              6. Click the SAVE button

              7. Click the WATCH button at the top of the web page.