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    Slingcatcher HD upgrade


      I purchased a Slingcatcher from BestBuy a few weeks ago and it is working very well. On the side of the box, it stated "HD capability coming soon". Does anyone have any info on the status of that upgrade? Thanks.

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          bsheppard Newbie

          Probably not. See forum about possible discontinuation of the catcher at https://community.sling.com/message/1990#1990 At present the catcher can do almost full HD  - but not the full 1080 I understand. Some other guys here could qualify the specifics.

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            Dear ColoRetiree,


            Thanks for participating in the Slingbox Answers Forum! While we appreciate customer feedback, we don't comment on unannounced or unreleased products here, simply because this is a technical support forum, not a rumor site.


            However, you might take a look at these articles on our support site to see if they help:


            Can I stream HD from my Slingbox PRO-HD to my SlingCatcher?


            The SlingCatcher Software Update


            SlingCatcher FAQ


            Please feel free to review the house rules too, if you get a chance. You can find them here:


            Slingbox Answers Forum Help and House Rules


            If this doesn't help, please let us know. The more details and information you can provide, the better we (the forum community and Sling Media) can help.


            Kind Regards,

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                      I have read the Rules, all four of them, and believe I am abidding by them.  I was not in any way, shape or form responding to a rumor. The "HD coming soon" announcement is printed on the box that my Slingcatcher came in and was clearly being touted as a feature of the Slingcatcher. Unless you consider that Sling Media Inc. is just generating a rumor, then I was simply inquiring into the staus of an announced product.

                     Before coming on this forum, I had already read the web pages you pointed out and had already made sure my Pro HD and Catcher had the latest s/w revisions. But, I was inquiring into the staus of the "High Definition" (HD 720p or 1080i) upgrade, not the "Higher Definition" (1280 x 540) upgrade. I believe that inquiry is valid within the rules of the forum and should be given a reasonable answer.


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                cmsdloma Newbie

                Here here, excellent question.


                I am greatly dismayed that Sling have released a SlingBox Pro HD in the UK, that doesn't have a HDMI in, and the [discontinued] SlingCatcher has a HDMI out that isn't Full HD!


                None of it makes sense, everything is a half-job.


                I need to know if there is going to be a proper SlingCatcher HD, otherwise I won't bother purchasing a SlingBox Pro HD.


                It's a very important factor in my decision to buy, which has been pending for many years while I wait for terribly slow progress.


                Sling, get your act together.

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                    I currently have a SLINGSOLO  AND SLINGCATCHER I will be purchasing a SLING PRO HD.

                    I Have the same problem. I  need the CATCHER TO BE IN FULL HD.

                    I have a PTP using microwave  antennas running 200mgbs symmetric. So it’s more than I need.

                    What is the max bitrate  that the Sling PRO HD and the Slingcatcher will use?


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                    What is the max bitrate that the Sling PRO HD and the Slingcatcher will use?


                    What provides a better picture if I use a PC? Rather than the Slingcatcher.


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