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    Will Slingbox work with this setup?


      Greetings, I currently reside out of the country.

      Am looking into purchasing a Slingbox Pro-HD that would sit at a relatives house in the USA and I would pay him the monthly $10 fee to rent out my own set-top-box so that I can use w/ his DirecTV.

      From my house overseas, I would have a laptop set up with an HDMI cable running directly to my television set that would always stay connected so that I would use this laptop as the "remote control."

      My question is before I go this route, will this really work?

      What will it mean for the internet bandwidth in my own home and in the home of my relative's house where the Slingbox Pro-HD will be sitting and connected to my own DirectTV set top box?

      Other than one with an HDMI port, what other benefits should I be looking for from the laptop, keeping in mind that I won't actually be using the laptop to watch TV -- it will be used solely as a remote control.

      Many thanks in advance for any feedback/comments.

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Since you are using an HDMI cable to connect your overseas laptop to your overseas TV, I am assuming that you want to stream video in HD from your proposed Slingbox in the USA to your overseas location.   I think the key to getting a successful streaming will depend on the UPLOAD speed of your USA friend's internet service.   Streaming HD requires lots more bandwidth (perhaps 10 times as much?) as streaming standard definition TV; so you might want to check out the upload speed of your friend's Internet Service (as well as the download speed of your out-of-USA internet service) first.   If not fast enough, your friend may be able to upgrade their Internet Service to a higher speed (at higher cost?).   And, your friend may have a total data transfer limit imposed on their service by their ISP -- in my case, my ISP limits transfers to 250 GB per month -- after which they may throttle my account or request that I upgrade to a much-more-expensive "business account".

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              It will work but I agree to the last comment about bandwidth.

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                  Ok, good point.


                  My next question now is that since I'm overseas already, I won't be able to set up on my computer. I was looking at the manual online and it looks like you need to set up with your computer. So if I have my brother set up using his own computer, which is where the slingbox will be sent to and where it will sit, will I still have all the admin access or is it only valid on the original computer it's set up on?


                  Thanks again.

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                      Slingbox covers that through the slingbox.com profile. Logically your slingbox registers all details to sling online server along with the pasword set. You can use it over the internet and it allows you to connect admin or guest access depending on the logic you use. For the setup you need to have access to local lan other than that as long as your slingbox is able to connect to sling server you can do everything.

                      Pretty simple.

                      For real access ability you should may be put a small net PC on your brothers network with remote access through DMZ, this will allow you to get into the local network of your brothers home remotely and make needed manipulations even without yuor brother being present. Fork out may be a $200 more with a good internet router that allowing good remote access.


                      Hope this helps.