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    No Video, only audio; Coax input, all channels found


      I've got a sling box solo hooked up to a 96 channel coax CATV distribution.  There is no set top box required.  While going through set up, the slingbox identifies all 96 channels and provides me with audio for every channel exactly where it should be in the channel line up. My coax out is hooked up to a test TV and it comes up just fine with a perfect picture.


      The firmware on the slingbox seems to have the latest revision.  Any thoughts?

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          Hi cservice,


          What I understand from your post, is that you're getting no video using coaxial cable.


          In this case, I would recommend to try a different coaxial cable, and to discard an encryption from the TV provider.


          Now, you can also connect the Slingbox using a different set of cables and audio and video source to discard the inputs as a potential issue.