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    Slingbox not found on network


      These past few day iv'e been having some trouble with a 'Weak signal or no video' message when trying to wathc the box. Did the usual routine with restarting box, router and so on but message was still there.


      Then i went on to do a 'Reset' of the slingbox.


      Everything looks just fine, the network light is lit and so far all good.

      But as i start upp the player the first thing that comes up is the login. I used my old password but it would not connect. This probably cos i re-setted the slingbox so i went on to do a new set-up in the setup assisstant but there it says no slingbox discoverd on the network eventhough the light is lit and everything is as it was before when it was working.


      So my question is, what do i try next?