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    Freezing and Stuttering again

    brn2rnjk1 Newbie


      I have days where the sling has low kbps and freezes/stutters or just disconnects every few minutes.  I never get better than 2000kbps, but normally the problems happen when below 300kbps.

      However, while frozen if I check it does load input configuration data.


      1.  Is this my sling or is it cable.  I have had cable out and they say my modem etc is within normal parameters.

      2.  Would I be better off with a solo sling and not HD Pro (which I really don't need)?


      Please any advice is great.  I don't know where to start.


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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          The problem is probably not your Slingbox, but perhaps the upload speed of the Internet Service where your SB is physically located, or the download speed of the Internet Service where you are watching the SB remotely.  What do your ISP suppliers quote to you as their upload and download speeds at those two locations?    If you are using cable modem for your internet, and many of your immediate neighbors are using the same cable modem service for their internet AND they are doing a lot of data transfer at the same time as you, then it is possible that your upload speeds will slow down.


          This certainly happens to me when I have multiple computers within my own local area network doing heavy data transfer at the same time.   And I understand that some ISPs using cable modems will put multiple homes in an immediate network on a same "circuit", which under the circumstance described above could periodically slow transmission rates.


          The problem could also be related to the routing that your SB streams take through the Internet, which you don't really have any way to control, other than to try to get the internet service at the physical location of the SB and the physical location of your remote viewing to be optimized.


          Some other threads in this forum have suggested for certain types of internet service (FIOS perhaps?)that the MTU setting on the router can be adjusted to improve throughput and reduce stuttering.   Sorry, I can't help with how to adjust this, as I don't have FIOS experience on my own SB.

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            ACC1070434 Newbie



            I have exactly the same problem since I have firmware version 2.1.320 on my Pro HD. The previous version 2.1.90 worked perfect to watch streams outside my home.

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                I'm new to this and just experienced the stuttering.  My network is fine and nothing else is happening on it.  Is the stuttering something that can just happen randomly and anywhere?  I just fixed a sound problem.  I'm at home and it's stuttering on my computer.  Hasn't done that before.  Would it possibly work better for my husband that is on the road?  Any more info would be a big help.  Thanks.