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    No Internet connection

    marlbrook Newbie

      I used my Slingbox with my Android phone via 3G yestereday.  All was working fine as usual.


      Today I keep getting 'Connection Failed' etc, on the mobile.


      Nothing has changed, no power cuts at home, nothing to change any of the Slingbox Pro settings or my phones.


      The Slingbox Pro works via my wired network to my PC. The Box shows a steady red light for Power and Network, and

      my home network is connected to the Internet, and the Slingbox to the home network.


      Is there a problem with the Slingbox Network Discovery Service?  Anyone know, or having the same problem today?

        • Re: No Internet connection - SOLVED but mysterious
          marlbrook Newbie

          I had time to check everything today.


          Everything is working fine now with remote viewing.


          The previous 'fixed' IP address on the Slingbox Pro had changed.


          All the details on the Router remained unchanged, but Port 5001 was not open to the changed IP address, hence no remote viewing.


          The mystery is why the IP address had changed? The Slingbox had not been reset, or lost power neither had the Router. The IP address was not dynamically allocated by the Router. Nobody had access to the Slingbox configuration to change it manually.


          Oh well, all working, so no worries.


          Just worth checking the Slingbox IP address if this ever happens to you.