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    No video (have sound)


      I've had my Slingbox for a few months and just starting having an issue where I am able to connect and get sound, but no video.


      I have not changed anything in the setup and am puzzled as to why this is.  When looking at the Slingplayer it is now saying that I have an upload speed constantly in the 38-40 kbps range (way too low).  I have checked this several days nows now and it is constantly in this range.  I usally have at least 1800 kbps.  I've also tried connecting with different laptops and even with my iPad app.


      This prompted me to think that it may be an issue with my internet provider (Comcast), so I had the person where Slingbox is connected to the internet perform a speed check and they are seeing a 4-5 mbps, which is more than sufficient.  I then thought there may be an issue with exceeding Comcast's maximum data usage.  We checked out user account on Comcast and although there is a spike in usage since we started using the Slingbox, it isnt close to the limit.


      So, I looked at all of the discussions on here and I really am at a loss of why this issue is occuring.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Here is a summary of the setup:


      1.  Linksys Wireless G 2.4 GHz router (where I am trying to watch Slingbox)

      2.  Slingbox HD-Pro

      3.  SlingLink Turbo (Slingbox connected wirelessly to network)

      4.  Motorola DVR cable box