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    Iphone slingplayer app and Dish VIP 922 with Sling



      I currently use the sling player on my iPhone 3GS with my Singbox Pro. Works Great, no issues. I recently added the dish VIP 922 with Sling Technology and it works great except for one small issue. The aspect ratio is off and I can't fix or select a different view. The cool thing is I can toggle between both slingboxes within the app. However, when I select my slingbox pro the aspect is perfect and I can select from widescreen or 4x3. and in widescreen mode when viewing a channel that is widescreen (most HD channels) everything looks good, no cropping. When I select the VIP 922 and go to a widescreen channel the ends are cropped and its not true widescreen. When I select "letterbox" it makes the screen smaller and tries to fit it all there but doesn't. Now has anyone else experienced this and is it an issue with the slingplayer software or the VIP 922. I assume its the VIP 922, but wanted to check here first.