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    Replacing my networked desktop computer


      I have replaced my old computer that ran Windows XP with a new one running Windows 7 (64bit). It's a simple set up whereby only the computer and slingbox are connected by ethernet cable to my router. Although both the power light and network lights have remained steady on my slingbox, my new computer doesn't recognise it in the network.   Before removing my old computer from the router I uninstalled the slingbox programme from it. I assume I'll now need to add some software to my new computer but not sure whether to use the CD that came with the slingbox (the box doesn't claim that the slingbox will run on Windows 7) or download it. Not sure if there's anything else I'll need to do. One of my concerns is that because I originally had difficulty configuring a static IP address for the slingbox (which I was told at the time was highly desirable if not indispensible) I want to try to ensure that any software I load won't mess this up. I would really appreciate some guidance.