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    Windows 7 SlingPlayer Connection Error


      Windows 7 SlingPlayer Connection Error

      I’ve been using XP on my desktop and two weeks ago upgraded the OS to Windows 7 64bit. I installed and used both sling player desktop and on the browser without any problems for a few days. One morning (I can’t remember when last week) when I tried to connect to my slingbox (Solo), I got this error.


      Error: 0x92340109
      Context: 20


      I was not sure what it was and it’s the first time I’ve had this error. So I took the following steps to determine the error.

      • I tried connecting to my slingbox solo – same error
      • I tried connecting to another slingbox (I have 2 solo, 1 original, 1 tuner) – same error
      • I tried connecting via browser (Firefox) to all devises – got connection errors
      • Uninstalled and installed SlingPlayer desktop – same error
      • I went back to my desktop (win7) and switch from using wifi to LAN – same error
      • I disabled my antivirus (Eset NOD 5), disabled windows firewall including the service – same error


      I did some testing using other devices and slingbox

      • I tried using different computers (4 win7-xp laptop, 2 desktop winxp, windows mobile phone, android phone, iphone) via wifi and LAN – works fine
      • Also tried connecting via internet on other computers just to make sure its not a network problem – works fine


      So going back to the original problem desktop. I had a feeling that it has something to do with the OS. So I uninstalled all the updates for the past 3 days. Still didn’t work. To further prove that it’s something in the OS, I did the following.


      • Created virtual machine with VMware with windows XP and installed slingplayer within it.
      • The network connection is set to NAT, then I tried to connect to slingbox and got the same error.
      • I switched the connection to Bridged and when I connected, it started working.


      So I got it to work within a virtual machine in bridge network mode while the windows 7 host antivirus and firewall is turned on. At this point I concluded that it was something in the OS that’s affecting the connection. All other computers around the house and mobile devices are working fine. I wanted to reinstall the OS in my desktop but didn’t have the time so for a few days I just used the virtual machine to watch.


      This morning I tried to watch using my laptop (windows 7) and got the same error. Now a few days ago I’ve tested and watched in this machine without any problems. According to my wife, she was using it yesterday and it prompted to reboot to install some windows update.


      Two machines running windows 7 Premium, laptop and desktop with same errors. I have not had any chance to determine the patched that caused the errors. But I have a strong feeling that it’s a windows patched and it could happen to other windows 7 users.

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          ı have same error.but didn't solve it. look attached for details

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              I'm not sure if your problem is the same with mine but I may have found the culprit. After switching back to XP for a few weeks now, everything has worked fine. This morning when I started the Slingplayer I started having the same connection error. I did the same troubleshooting procedure from before but this time since disabling the firewall and antivirus (ESET NOD 5) didn’t work, I tried uninstalling NOD. After restarting the pc, Slingplayer started working again. I recently upgraded from NOD 4 to 5 just a few days ago. So it seems like this new version is blocking or doing some sort of network filtering. Again just disabling the firewall even within the antivirus settings did not work. So if you’re still having issues, try uninstalling your antivirus and see if it helps.