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    Error Connecting to Slingbox Pro-HD in new home


      I recently moved to a new home overseas and am trying to connect to my slingbox in the USA. My desktop overseas indicates that there is an error connecting ot the slingbox. I can find it in the slingbox directory, but it says check to insure the slingbox is on and connected to your network and then notes check that the firewall and router allow access. To my knowledge the slingbox is on and connected to the internet in the USA. I am not sure what firewall and router is being referenced. The new home has a different modem and router than I previously was using, but that never seemed to cause an issue when I originally set up the computer overseas so I don't know if it is the modem and router overseas being referenced or the internet equipment in the USA. When recently home, I noticed the wireless was having problem so possibly the internet connection is having problems in the USA. Can anyone shed some light on which router is being referred to ie: overseas or USA and whether a wireless internet connection problem in the USA could suggest that the culprit is the actual internet connection in the USA?? Thank you.