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    No audio, no support


      Am I crazy or does slingbox route you to a page that gleefully declares you can get 90 days of support when you first buy the unit, only to find out that the page has no contact info? Is this typical of the company?


      Short story, streaming video looks nice but there's no audio. I've read what I could find that appears to be a similar situation but all I get is noise, which mutes (that's nice), when I try streaming over the net. Does anyone have ideas where to go next?


      What have I done?


      Reset the box. Didn't seem to help. Checked the mixer and, in fact, given the new version of the controller software, it shows up as an IE mixer option. Turned all the way up and makes no difference. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


      Thanks very much.

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          So I was frustrated last night. With a clear head I reset the SB again and also rebooted my cable modem and router. Went through the setup again and it all seems to be working fine.  The lack of support that I mentioned appears to be a browser issue in that the right side nav bar wasn't showing in Chrome or IE or whichever one I was trying to get to work at the time. All resolved.