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    Slingbox Pro HD w/ Sky+ HD Setup


      Hi Guys,



      I've just recently bought the Slingbox Pro HD, and while it is a great piece of kit, the lack of HDMI support is a tad annoying.


      Now I've had a look through a couple of questions on this forum and my plight does seem a common one.  It's really sods law that as soon as I bought the SB my Sky HD receiver packed up and I had to replace it with the newer model, the old one had component sockets and alas, as Sky is paranoid that we are stealing HD content, they have taken them out.


      However, I have not seen anyone ask the question about HDMI splitters & HDMI cables to Component.  Would this work? Or would the abundance of cables lessen the signal?  I Know I could go ahead and purchase the HD Fury but that's another £70 on top of forking out just over £200 for the SB.  Of course, if I can't stream in HD is there/was there any point in buying the Pro?  I could've just bought the cheaper SD one......


      As I said, this is seems to be a major problem with all of Sky HD customers, which I have no doubt are a huge chunk of the SB market.  It does surprise me that the senior heads at SB haven't come up with a simple solution.........



      Any help is greatly appreciated guys!






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          callanish Apprentice

          Its not Sling's fault that the HDCP copyright protection is in place, and it would be illegal for them to do anything to bypass it. It's built into these cable / sat boxes by design to prevent copying through digital means. Component and Composite ( scart ) are analog, thus as long as sling has a product, it'll follow the HDCP copyright laws and as long as HDMI remains digital, you'll always need to find a way around this protection, whether that be using something like the HD fury or settling with the composite connection with a reduced quality in picture.


          An HDMI splitter will only work if you have the HDfury. The hdmi connection coming out of the sat box going into the splitter would allow the HDMI signal to successfully go to the TV because it handshakes the HDCP signal with the TV, but the minute the sat box tries to do the same thing using the splitter to the slingbox with a standard HDMI to component cable, it will block the signal. I'm afraid if you continue to want HDMI to function, then the HDfury is your only option, but IMHO there are other benefits to the Pro version over the solo that make it worthwhile.