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    Connect to Web Player only, but failure to connect Win Player


      I used Windows Slingplayer to connect my Slingbox Pro-HD without any problem for more than 3 months, however, 3 weeks ago, I encountered several problems to connect my Slingbox again via Windows Slingplayer.  I tried to connect via Web-based player, it could connect, but it is not so stable, the first few connections, it prompted for an error, after several times to retry, it could connect again, but the speed is not stable from 600 to 8000.


      I tried to restart my router and slingplayer several times, whenever, I restart the router, there is no problem of the first connection, however, the next connection, the same problem repeated.


      I am using Draytek Vigor 2310 router and port forwarding of 5001, the UPnP is not working with Slingbox Pro-HD.  I also checked with my Windows Firewall setting, I disabled firewall, but there is no improvement.  I also cleared all setting of Windows Slingplayer and reinstall it, same problem.


      Please help to share your knowledge, I cannot locate the source of problem, either the problem is my router setting, slingbox setting, slingplayer problem or something else, I searched some posts, it recommands to switch the port to 80 to avoid the connection problem, is it OK to use Port 80?



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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Port 80 is typically used to host web sites, so that might conflict with your Slingbox streaming if you happen to happen to be hosting any websites on your network.   Have you programmed your router to assign a static IP address to your SB?   If not, perhaps your router has been frequently changing the local IP address for your SB, so that the SB directory at the Slingmedia website is losing track of the IP location (external address plus local area network address) of your SB between viewings.