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    Setting Up With Dish Network ViP722k DVR


      Hi all,

      I just had Dish Network out to my house to replace receiver and every time they disconnect my  SLingbox SOLO, it never is a simple re-connect for me.  I used to have a ViP622 DVR and needed to reconfigure the SOLO.  I can see it fine on screen when doing the config, but when I load all the receiver info and see the channel guide, even though it is correct, I can not power on or change channels on the test screen.


      I am using the TV 2 connection on the receiver and it all works well up to this point.


      Any ideas?



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          Not sure I expressed this well, so here we go again....I have a slingbox solo that is connected to a dish network ViP722k on TV 2.  It will not configure properly with the remote control.  I previously had a dish network ViP622 and had the same slingbox solo hooked up on TV 2 and the with an RF remote for TV 2, so do not understand why this one will not work too....the dish network folks are NO HELP AT ALL, they even sent a tech out today to look at it, but he was useless in helping me, but said he would research it and call back.  This new ViP722k was installed by dish network yesterday, because my old 622 broke.  I can see the slingbox solo when configuring the slingplayer and config program, I just can not complete the config since the remote will not power up/down the box or change the channel in the test process.  Any ideas?

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              Hi gobluemich290,


              For this issues that you are experiencing with the remote control, it's necessary to reconfigure the settings, you can do that just accessing Setup at slingbox.comand select "Configure video sources", select the right model and do remote control test. It's necessary to confirm that the Slingbox is connected to the IR output on the cable box and not the RF, the Slingbox will never change channels with the RF setting active for TV2


              Hope this helps