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    IOS 5


      Has anyone tried slingplayer model on IOS 5 yet? what results do you have???

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          I have the original iPad wifi model along with the Slingbox Pro HD. I upgraded to iOS 5 and the Slingplayer Mobile app works.

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            ****** audio.  Video seems to stutter more.  Needs an update.

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              I have SOLO and on my iPhone 4s I am unable to stream - it is very choppy

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                  Using Slingbox Solo with Netgear WiFi adapter and an iPhone 4s on latest firmware. No problems, works great over 3G, especially if I use HD channels for some reason (odd since they both stream at the same definition and are both constrained by the settings/signal on my phone). I do need to use the SQ setting to avoid stutter but the quality is still very acceptable. However, Sky Go gives much better picture over 3G so is my 'go to' for channels it covers. Over wifi the HQ quality is great!


                  My only gripe is paying £20.99 for the app which the site says costs £17.99 (which is still a rip off IMHO).