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    W213 connection failed message


      When I try to log in from my laptop, I get the W213 connection failed message.  I have previously been able to watch on my laptop, but now cannot.  I have tried conecting with both Firefox and Explorer, but niether works.  The dialogue box asks if I want to try again and I have re-tried but to no avail.  My iphone connects with no problem.  I have tried running the set up again and it cannot connect either.  Any ideas?

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          Hi swidman003,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems login to your Slingbox.


          In this case, I would recommend to provide us with more information about the issue that you're having.


          For example, you can provide information about error messages (besides the code), network layout information, Operative System that you're using, even an screenshot.


          That way, you will be able to receive a proper response from the forum users.



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              I get the same message from both work and home (I'm traveling abroad right now and work and home are on different ISPs and both outside the US). The weird thing is that I can connect using SlingPlayer Mobile for Android from behind the same access points at both places so it's definitely not my connection at either place or a router/firewall issue. I also disabled my PC's firewall to ensure that wasn't causing a problem and even disabled IP6 on the wireless network adapter.


              I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - fully service packed with auto-updates. I'm using a Killer MIMO wifi card but it also happens if I connect to the LAN from both places.


              And, I cannot connect using either the web/Firefox plugin or the stand-alone SlingPlayer app for Windows.


              So to be clear, no luck at all from PC regardless of ISP, location, firewall, or router. But luck from the same places from my Galaxy Tab using the Android version of SlingPlayer mobile.


              So exactly what does W213 mean? The description of it is vague on the support site.

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                  I've also located error code

                  [Advanced users: the error code is 0x92340011.]


                  Which  states something about connection timeout. Is there a way to increase  the timeout in the registry?  Seems odd that this isn't a problem on  SlingPlayer Mobile on Android  but is a problem on the Windows client  and the Firefox plugin.