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    Why is the elaborate skin of my custom made remote always reverting to the very basic default skin?


      I created a custom made remote for my Panasonic NV-HD630.  In the beginning everything went well: I got the extended skin with lots of buttons, so I could custom program it completely.


      2011 10 18_053.jpg

      The first time I tried it, the remote as depicted above appeared, but the Volume buttons that were not linked to a function nevertheless showed active.  So I thought: well, let's correct that.  So I edited the remote, and I shouldn't have done that.  After that, Sling always went back to the very basic skin, however the buttons were clearly still programmed the way I did it.  Unfortunately,some crucial buttons are not present on the basic skin.  So, I tried over and over again, even deleted the custom remote and started all over again, but to no avail:


      2011 10 18_054.jpg

      How can I get the remote back with the larger amount of buttons?  I tried to import from disk, which works in the editor, but as soon as I go back to Watch, the basic remote shows again.  Very annoying, I'm afraid...