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    Can I install without connecting to the router?


      Here's my story.


      I bought a Slingbox to watch some TV from my parents house while I am away in Georiga. They live in Wisconsin, is there a way for me to install the Slingbox or have them install it and me to connect to it after?


      Can I connect through there computer remotely or something and it will work?


      The problem is the computer I want to watch TV from is in Georiga and it won't be in Wisconsin for like 3 months.

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          Hi, Jeff3030


          I understand that you have some questions about the Slingbox and the first time set up.  
          The Slingbox must be connected to your home network. It must be connected to the home router (which will provide the IP address the Slingbox needs to reach the Internet) and also to your TV source (cable box, DVR or satellite receiver). Once you set these connections, you will run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing.


          When at remote locations, you need to go to www.slingbox.com, log in to your Sling Account and hit "Watch". So, it is mandatory to connect the Slingbox to the home router, otherwise you will not be able to set it up for Internet Viewing. The following links will provide you with further details / information in order to get your Slingbox SOLO up and running.


          How does the Slingbox work?


          Internet Viewing for the Slingbox SOLO


          Connecting my video sources to my Slingbox SOLO


          Finally, you can run the whole process using a computer that meets the requirements for the Slingbox SOLO. It does not matter if you use a desktop or your laptop computer for the first time setup. Once you finish this process, you can take your laptop with you in order to get the remote connection to your Slingbox. This link will allow you to check if your network and computer meet the requirements for the Slingbox SOLO.


          Tech Specs for the Slingbox SOLO