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    iphone/ipad cannot connect to slingbox until after sling.com does


      So, many times i try to connect to my slingbox, and it says CONNECTING via iphone/ipad, but it never connects.

      This happens anytime its been a while since my last connection.

      I can try 100 times and it will never connect.

      However, if i go to www.sling.com and connect via webbrowser, it will connect fine, i can see picture/audio, all is good.

      If i then go back to the slingplayer app on iphone or ipad, voila, all is working fine now.


      Something in the sling.com allows the connection to my DVR to work all the time (scientific atlantic 8300HD)

      Just fyi, i also have a slingbox on my TIVO connected to the same router, and it works EVERY time, no issues with slingplayer app.


      So what is it about sling.com, that allows this to work (does it possibly send some type of WAKEUP command that the slingplayer app doesn't?).

      Why must i connect via sling.com, to then remotely be able to connect via slingplayer.

      Thats my issue.

      Thanks for any help!!!