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    Is this an open forum or not?


      I only see a few post and wonder why Slingbox Tech's, do not allow us all to talk about what we would like to have (example Slingmedia for Blackberry Storm's) and let the rumor mill develop. We all enjoy our slingbox's and only want to see it get better and better. Sling Management should encourage this as it only helps get the word of mouth out about Slingbox.

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          Apparently not, lol...


          Unfortunately, your last  post discussing  unannounced Sling Media products, policies, or  procedures is not  appropriate for these forums.


          Every one of my posts with the exception of the Windows ones get flagged as the above. No help whatsoever.

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            Hi BGreenToo (and everyone),


            Thanks for participating here in the Forums and for providing your feedback! Your question about whether or not Answers.Slingbox.com is an open forum is a valid one and hopefully we can answer it simply:


            Yes! This is an open forum, for technical support.


            We always appreciate and try to incorporate customer feedback. But, as ArizonaSackbut stated above, we want to keep the focus on the technical here. We will not be commenting on unannounced or unreleased products, simply because this is a technical support forum, not a rumor site.


            We can all agree that the majority of us want a civil discussion and we want our technical questions answered in a friendly, open way. None of us here at this community want to be distracted by trolls or flames or rumors. And so this is how we roll, gentlemen!


            The forums will continue to evolve and grow. We're listening to you. Based on positive feedback like some of the posts above, we've introduced new communities dedicated to Enhancement Requests and Product Feedback - a community where customers can post their appeals for new Sling solutions. Think, "Hey, I would like to see a SlingPlayer Mobile for Blackberry XYZZ!"


            We sincerely hope this answers your question!


            (Although you've likely read them, here's a link to the forum house rules, where everything we've stated here is reinforced:

            Slingbox Answers Forum Help and House Rules)



            The Slingbox Answers Forum Moderator Team