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    is anyone having trouble with Pro HD?


      Is anyone having trouble with Pro HD?

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          Yes, when I first got it , it kept trying to update and then would fail and drop off the network until reset.


          Got a tech on Chat and he told me it must be connected to my router and not a switch. He told me my software was latest. I asked him why it keeps trying to update and he did not answer except to say they don't support connections to switches.


          So I have tried that and it no longer can be found. I see it on my router control panel and I can see it talking but their software keeps saying there is an error and then the software resets or crashes. Same thing happens if I don't let it update and try to go through the setup.


          I am pretty sure this unit is defective. It was refurbished (not)


          Oh well, they can replace it or back it goes.