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    Can not get internet viewing to work - please help !


      I had all of this working a few month ago.  Unplugged my device for a while.  When I plugged back in, I used the reset feature.  Now attempt to watch and it has me go thru the setup process (online).   It makes it through the entire process but then the last step is to test the internet viewing - it gets to 70% and then disconects and fails (I've tried this numerous times).  No problem with my hardware and cabling.


      1)  I treid to start the setup all over again ... the quick start manual suggests to go to slingmedia site and get a download ... I don't see any download there.  Not sure I need to do this because I am able to actually view the TV duirng the setup process (but still from within my local network).


      2)  I've read a LOT about "port forwarding".  Could that be the problem?   (I don't recall having done any such in the past when thi all worked).  The sling site has a video on how to set up manually, BUT the setup process never allows me to get to the page that has me entering ip addresses and such.


      3)  Do I need to go into my router settings and change something ????????

           IF SO, WHAT?   I can find NOTHING that gives me specific instruction on such, and I am reluctant to ticker with firewall settings w/o knowing what the heck I am doing.


      Any help EXTREMELY apreciated since I've reached an intolerable level of frustration.