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    stream has slowed down making video unwatchable



      I am in Germany on business trying to watch my tv  from Australia using a slingbox solo and a desktop slingplayer.

      This setup was working perfectly until Saturday.

      I connected to watch the football only to find that the video is stopping and so pixellated as to make it impossible to watch.

      Normally everything is perfect.

      My player now tells me that my connection is between 65kb/s up to 145kb/s.

      Speedtest.net tells me that my internet connection is roughly 2.5Mb/s download here in Germany. This is normal and nothing has changed.

      My wife has speedtested the upload at home in Australia  and it tells us it is a steady 1.5Mb/s as usual.

      The slingbox is connected direct to the router via ethernetcable  as usual.

      Nothing has been updated.

      No cables have been removed or replaced.

      Please help