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    2 Location Reception


      Hi, new to this so your patience and advice are appreciated!!!

      I live in Spain and have 2 different locations which are rented-out over here where I want to receive reception.

      I have a location in UK where the SlingBox would be based.

      So my questions are a) can I receive reception in 2 different locations from one Slingbox ie 'shared'.

                                     b) if 'Yes' can I watch different channels at the same time at the 2 different locations.

      Any other comments would also be appreciated.



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          dbsguy Apprentice

          1. Yes, you can watch your slingbox from any location with a highspeed internet connection. That includes the 2 viewing locations you mentioned and for that matter a cell phone (with the proper data plan).


          2. No, you can not view the slingbox from 2 locations simulateously. By design they have it locked to one user at a time. You can set a guest and admin password however. If a guest is watching it at one location, you can log in as admin and bump them off so you can view.


          The only ay to watch 2 simulateous connections is to have the following:

          • (2) slingbox's at the host location
          • A Fast enough internet conenction (mainly in terms of upload) to support both simulateously
          • And if your connected to anything other then over the air reception, you will need a source conencted to each so they can be viewed independantly.