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    Buying and setup of remote system


      I have a basic question, that has not clearly answered when I search.   I would like to add a slingbox pro HD to my House 1 with Comcast TV service and where I have high speed internet access.  Then I want to remove premium TV service at House 2 and retain internet service only, then add another Slingbox [some type, I am not sure] to connect to my HD TV.


      What exactly do I need to buy for both locations?    I want to determine the return on the investment.   Can someone help?

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          Hi ltmccarty,


          Connecting the Slingbox PRO-HD at house number one, will allow you to be able to get the Comcast TV features remotely to any computer, tablet or a supported Mobilewith Internet access. At house number 2, you can connect the the TV to the computer using a VGA cable even though this is not a supported connection. Unfortunately, the SlingCatcher is not available right now, only in a 3rd party web site like Amazon.com or eBay you can find this product right now.